The Cornwall School of Liberal Arts (CSLA) is part of The VI Form Academy at Camborne Science and International Academy, which is the top state-funded Post-16 STEM provider in Cornwall (Future Finders Stem Schools).

Our students are stretched and challenged to think beyond the curriculum and to make links between their subjects. Our programme enriches the study of your A Levels and allows you to work and thrive in a place where you are surrounded by other likeminded students and staff. Visiting academics provide an intensive programme of lectures and seminars showcasing their research and thinking. These experiences inspire and prepare the students for life at university, and provide a unique opportunity for incisive and critical thinking.

Interdisciplinary Thought and Research

Imagine a place where you are given the space to read widely and beyond the curriculum. Here at CSLA you are given the time, space and resources to engage critically with complex concepts and theories. We place academic excellence and an appreciation of culture at the heart of our work.

With CSLA’s focus on academic rigour and critical thinking, we complement our students’ high quality lessons by focusing on critical concepts and broad theoretical perspectives with an interdisciplinary approach to enriching their academic understanding.

All our students are strongly encouraged to undertake their own research projects alongside their A Levels, supported by a team of specialist teachers.
This research can also be used as the basis for an Extended Project Qualification.

To showcase the work of our students, CSLA will be holding an annual Festival of Ideas during the summer term. Through a series of events, open to our community, there will be a celebration of cultural and critical ideas. This will include public speaking events, mini-lectures on students’ research and staff/ student panel discussions.

Dedicated Pathways

The enrichment at CSLA extends beyond the lecture and co-curricular programme. Students are individually mentored to ensure they engage with every opportunity to build and develop their experiences in their area of interest.