What grades do I need to get?

You need to achieve a GCSE Grade 7 in the subjects you wish to study and an additional four GCSEs at Grade 6 or above including English (Language or Literature accepted).

What are the Liberal Arts subjects?

At CSLA the Liberals Arts subjects include: English Literature, History, Geography, RPE, Politics, MFL, Psychology.

Where do I study my A levels?

Students have their lessons at the main campus alongside other students. They will then take part in the Liberal Arts pathway at the Nexus Campus. A minibus is arranged to transport students.

Do I have to study all Liberal Arts subjects?

Not at all. We would expect students to study at least two Liberal Arts subjects and an Extended Project, but for your other choice(s) you are able to choose from the full curriculum at The VI Form Academy.
We understand that you may have interests outside of the Liberal Arts. This year some of our students have chosen to study A Levels in Media and Economics for instance.

Do I have to live in Camborne?

It doesn’t matter where you live or where you went to secondary school! We welcome students from all over Cornwall.
CSLA and The VI Form Academy is situated close to the train station so is very easy to access from the rest of the county.

I want to study at a top uni, how will you help?

We work hard to ensure that our students achieve exceptional outcomes by providing excellent resources and brilliant, specialist teachers.
We also run an intensive programme of lectures and seminars, which showcase current research. These challenge you to think beyond the curriculum; a key way you will stand out during the university application process.

What if I am considering an application to Oxbridge?

Students who are interested in applying to Oxford or Cambridge can apply for our Oxbridge Pathway, which involves an intensive package of support to fully prepare you for the Oxbridge application process.