Studying a Liberal Arts subject at A Level in Cornwall? We believe you cannot choose a better place to study than the Cornwall School Liberal Arts. Here is some more information on the courses on offer.

CSLA students’ lesson take place at the VI Form Academy and the Liberal Arts Pathway enriches and complements that study at the Nexus campus.

Remember, as we are part of the VI Form Academy you have access to a wide range of A Levels. For the full list of available subjects you can take, check out The VI Form Academy website.

The Liberal Arts Subjects

A Level English Literature

If you adore reading, then this is the course for you as it will extend your passion for reading. The content of the course is broad and diverse and you will read novels, plays, collections of poetry, and a study of unseen texts. As well as producing a personalised critical study of two texts of your choice.

A Level French

At CSLA we recognise the value of an A-Level in a foreign language. The world of work is now conducted globally and having another language sets you apart. Language learning helps to develop communication skills and makes you more employable. Languages are recognised as a facilitating subject and are highly regarded by Russell Group universities.

A Level Geography

Dealing with vital issues such as climate change, migration, environmental degradation, social issues and natural hazards. Enjoy a scope of material; it can provide insights into the world around us and the highly contemporary nature of the issues it tackles.

A Level History

History is a challenging subject which will broaden your mind and imbue you with skills of evaluation, use of evidence and critical analysis, which will enhance your desirability to prospective employers. A highly respected ‘gateway’ subject which provides access to a wide range of professional and specialist careers, such as international politics, the security services such as Mi5, SiS and GCHQ, humanitarian work and the civil service. It is also a facilitating subject for studying Law at University.

A Level Politics

Students will gain knowledge on UK Politics, The UK Government and look at a comparative system; either US Government and Politics or another global political system. The course also examines the theoretical underpinnings, with time spent analysing liberalism, socialism, conservatism, and nationalism. Students will develop critical writing, oral and analytical skills. This is an essay-based subject, so students should expect to write at length. They will also need to keep up-to-date with the news and current affairs. Politics is a perfect complement to many other subjects. It is extremely stimulating and relevant and you will develop excellent key skills in research and communication.

A Level Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behaviour. The course involves the examination and analysis of various theories of behaviour and the consideration of research evidence. Knowing how and why people behave in the way that they do can be very advantageous in numerous career pathways.

A Level Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

What is the purpose of life? Who decides what is right and wrong? Do we have a conscience, or a soul? What is truth? These are some of the fascinating questions you will study. It opens up options in many careers: Law, Business, Public Services, Medical Ethics and Teaching.

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

All CSLA students undertake the Extended Project Qualification in Year 12.
The EPQ is a standalone qualification designed to extend and develop skills in independent research and project management. It is a well-recognised and highly regarded qualification by universities. It is self-directed and requires students to take responsibility for the choice, design, planning and completion of an individual project. The skills acquired in the EPQ are unrivalled when it comes to preparation for higher education.

The Extended Project gives students the chance to study an area of interest in great depth and is a fantastic opportunity to incorporate passions and interests into studies.