Mission Statement

At the heart of the CSLA programme lies our pursuit of academic excellence, interdisciplinary thinking and cultural literacy. We enable our students to act at the very heights of their ability to express and interpret the world around us. Compassionate and erudite, our students will become the future leaders of society.

Vision Statement

At CSLA, we value the pursuit of academic excellence as it equips our students with the knowledge and understanding which are vital for success at the most prestigious universities and beyond. More fundamentally, we passionately believe that this learning experience encourages our students to be astute citizens of the world who are compassionate and empathetic. It is our intention that our students become critical scrutinisers of the world; they are fascinated with its history and committed to interrogating potential solutions to its problems. We place value on having a broad yet rich understanding of culture so that students’ minds and sensibilities can be enriched to the point where they can better handle complexity. Our teachers are passionate about sharing their expert knowledge and are eager to continue with their own learning.

At its roots, the name ‘Liberal Arts’ dates back to Ancient Greece and included aspects of study which were felt to be essential for civic life. With this in mind, our students are encouraged to take up the enrichment opportunities we provide for leading and contributing to areas of citizenship and public life. Our students benefit from the links we have made with universities and those working in the fields of journalism, law and politics.

The ethos in which this learning takes place is collaborative, exploratory and highly challenging. We offer an interdisciplinary grounding in the liberal arts including the exploration of critical concepts and theory, analysing the ideas of the greatest thinkers. Reading widely and beyond the curriculum as well as engaging in academic research, our students develop greater mental dexterity which places them in a strong position at degree level and for their future careers. Furthermore, their broad cultural knowledge, and understanding of it, prepares them for lifelong success.

Core Values

1. Academically rigorous

Our academic programme is designed to challenge and excite the most ambitious students.

2. Culturally literate

We place a value on our students gaining a high level of cultural capital by having an enriched understanding of culture and the impact it has on society.

3. Positive contributors to society

The learning experience at CSLA encourages our students to be astute citizens of the world who are compassionate and empathetic.

4. Globally aware and informed

Our students are critical scrutinisers of the world. We are fascinated by the world and focused on exploring solutions to its problems.

5. Future leaders

It is our intention that our students will positively influence society at the highest level.